"I Ain't No Miracle Worker" b/w "Exit 9" (1981, Living Eye Records, LSD-1; 1000 pressed)
"You Can't Catch Me" b/w "I Won't Be There" (1981, Living Eye Records, LSD-2; 300 pressed in the late 80's NOT when it was recorded; the majority of the pressing were warped beyond saving, very few copies in circulation, possibly 6 to 10 copies)
"Hey Little Bird" b/w "I Can Only Give You Everything" (1982, Living Eye Records, LSD-3; 1000 pressed)
"I'm Going Home" b/w "A Dark Corner" (1982, Mirror Records)
"She Told Me Lies" b/w "I've Got a Way With Girls" (1984, Mirror Records)
"Baby Doll" b/w "I Cannot Find Her (acoustic version)" (1987, Mirror Records)
 "Next One In Line" b/w "Talk Talk" and "You Drive Me Nervous" (1991, Mirror Records, MIR45-4, 7-inch EP)
"Hey Joe" b/w "Roadrunner" (as "The Paisley Zipper Band", 1994, Get Hip Recordings, GH-144)

"Misty Lane" b/w "Little Girl" (1997, Misty Lane records, Italian fanzine release)

"Wrong From Right" b/w "So What" (1998, Living Eye Records, LSD-5)
"Run Rudolph Run" (1998, Living Eye Records, LSD-FC98, fan club Christmas CD single)
 "Help You Ann" b/w Lyres "She Told Me Lies" (1999, Living Eye Records, LSD-6; each band covers a song originally by the other)
"She Pays The Rent" b/w Lyres "She Told Me Lies" (2000, Feathered Apple Records, FA-1300; each band covers a song originally by the other)
"Where Do We Go From Here" b/w "Louie Go Home" (1999, Living Eye / Sundazed Records S-146; vocals by Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere and the Raiders-both sides; B side LIVE Cavestomp '98)
"Yes I Understand" b/w "Sometime At Night" (2001, Sundazed Records; vocals by Sal Valentino of The Beau Brummels on B side)
“Barbara Ann” b/w “Girl Don’t Tell Me” – Sundazed (2002)  
“Up & Down”  EP (4 songs) – Wicked Cool (2008)          


-Johnny Thunders w/Chesterfield Kings-Single "Critic's Choice"  (1991) Bootleg-Japanese origin

-Johnny Thunders w/Chesterfield Kings-"Critic's Choice" 10-Inch EP-(Blue Vinyl) Easy Action-UK-2017-This is a Legitimate release.
-Fossils (2 versions; German 1981; Dutch 1985)
-Kingsize Rock 'n' Roll Long Ago (Live EUROPE '87 Tour-Dutch)

-Long Ago Far Away (Paisley Zipper Band-LIVE Spain 1995)



(2016) UNIVERSAL VAGRANT-Mean Disposition Records MDLP004/MDCD004 Vinyl & CD Format
(2013) MISSISSIPPI MURDERER-Mean Disposition Records MDLP001/MDCD001 Vinyl & CD Format


Mean Red Spiders (80’s: 1989) 
EP 'Last Of The Teen Icons' - 4 songs: "Rejected At The High School Dance" / "Diabolical" /  "I Got VD" / "Kick Your Ass Across The USA" - Buster Bulb Records (issued 1990). Pressed on Black, Red and 'Piss Yellow' vinyl.      
Tar Babies (70's) SINGLE: 
"Rejected At The High School Dance" with both Distorted Levels cuts on the flip. Bona Fide Records (Issued 1988)   

"Hey Mister" / "Red Swirls" - Nowhere Records          

 Acetate form, few copies pressed-Late 1978 solo as Greg Prevost, acetate had 2 songs: "She's All Mine" / "I Don't Need You". An EP was projected but not pressed with these 2 songs as well: "1981 On My Conscious Mind" and "Psychological Mess".   

Unreleased Hours of material from early to late 70’s (MR. ELECTRO ET AL), some of which may be released by Mean Disposition Records in the future. 

it's a shitkicker rebellion, man


(I am including 'official' releases ONLY as there are many boot videos and dvds out)    

-'THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY' Vol. 1- VIDEO Format - LivingEye / Sundazed (1999) 
-'THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY' Vol. 2- VIDEO Format - LivingEye / Sundazed (1999) 
-These above were compilations of the band's early output that I put together from my personal collection of videos and films. They were never issued as DVDs.   
-'WHERE IS THE CHESTERFIELD KING?' Movie. DVD Format. MDV Video (2001) 
-'THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS-DVD SINGLE Plus. "I Don't Understand"; "Mystery Trip". Sundazed (2004)


(2011) "Mr. Charlie" b/w "Rolling Stone"-Mean Disposition Records #MDR45-001

​(2010) DEMO "I Never Knew Her Name" Mean Disposition-MDR-PRO




(1982) Here are the Chesterfield Kings (Mirror Records MR-9, 14-song LP)
(1985) Stop! (Mirror Records MR-10, 12-song LP; also remastered 14-song LP and cassette MR-10R)
(1987) Don't Open Till Doomsday (Mirror Records MR-12, 14-song LP featuring Dee Dee Ramone ON "Baby Doll", 15-song cassette)
(1989) The Chesterfield Kings Night Of The Living Eyes (Mirror MR13, CD13 15-song LP, CD, and cassette)
(1989) Berlin Wall of Sound (Mirror Records MR-15, 15-song CD/cassette, 14-song LP)
(1990) Drunk On Muddy Water (Mirror Records MCD-16, 13-song limited edition of 1000 numbered CD)
(1994) Let's Go Get Stoned (Mirror Records MR-19; 14-song LP, CD, and cassette).
(1997) Surfin' Rampage (Mirror Records M-23, 32-song double LP and CD)
(1999) Where the Action Is (Sundazed LSD 13, 17-song CD)
(2003) The Mindbending Sounds of… (Living Eye / Sundazed, 2003; 14-song CD, 12 song LP - Wicked Cool Records, 2006; 14-song CD)
(2004) Christmas with the Kranks - Soundtrack, the song 'Hey Santa Claus' Hollywood Records 2004
(2008) Psychedelic Sunrise (12-song CD, 12-song LP - Wicked Cool Records, 2008; also Deluxe LTD ED w/4-song CD EP)
(2009) Got Live…If You Want It (CD, DVD set- Wicked Cool Records, 2009)


I appeared on television a number of times over the years, mostly with my then group, the Chesterfield Kings. The listing does not include local or regional newsreels or news-clips.  
-1982: USA NETWORK TV SPECIAL: NIGHTFLIGHT, ‘Radio 1990’ with Lisa Robinson. Included the “99th Floor” video. 
-1983-early 2000’s: MTV: ‘Basement Tapes’, several video clips, interviews, news clips.     
-1983-early 90’s: MUCH MUSIC Canada: several video clips, interviews. 
-1991: MONTREAL TV: Show: ‘FAX’. Partial performance of “Baby Doll”, commentary. 
-1993: KINGSTON, ONTARIO CANADA TV: “Bright Lights Big City”; “Can’t Be Satisfied” plus interview. 
-1994: USA NETWORK-'Up All Night With Gilbert Gottfried'. The band acted parts out with Gottfried. Loosely scripted; the group basically ad-libbed their parts.      
-1999: CNN NEWS. First airing of the video “Where Do We Go From Here?” with Mark Lindsay (formerly of Paul Revere & The Raiders), plus interview.                            
-2000: FEATURE FILM: ‘Where Is The Chesterfield King?’ Released by MDV Video in 2001. Written, scripted, produced and co-directed by Prevost who acted in the film as well with then members of the band. Literally a ‘no-budget’ film, in the vein of a ‘Hard Days Night’. Film was premiered in 2000 at the Eastman House in Rochester NY.    

-2004: JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE “I Don’t Understand”. Band appeared with Little Steven.                                           

-2004: THE SOPRANOS: Season 5, Episode 5: ‘Irregular Around The Margins’. Band acted out the part of a band (themselves). Performed “I Don’t Understand” and “Mystery Trip” amidst drama between Tony (Soprano) and his daughter at the ‘Crazy Horse’.                             
-2005-’06- LITTLE STEVEN’S NEW YEARS EVE PARTY-ESPN 2005-2006. Cast included Little Steven (obviously), the Troggs (Reg Presley, RIP), New York Dolls, Chesterfield Kings and Charms amongst others. The band (C. Kings) performed “I Don’t Understand”. Prevost performed “Twist & Shout” along with various members of the cast. Prevost: “Little Steven re-invented and re-created the vibe that was present on such shows as ‘Shindig!’ and ‘Hullabaloo’. I was amazed at how he could make things happen exactly the way they should happen, and exactly how he wanted them to happen.”  
-2007: CONAN O’BRIEN SHOW. Band performed “Up & Down”.  
-2008: WXXI Public Television. Live concert. The show was issued on Little Steven’s Wicked Cool Records label as a double-set DVD/CD.Type your paragraph here.

For CNN, PBS, NBC, Friday Night Video, with then company e/p Partners TV Research




Since early-mid 70's, includes CREEM, GORILLA BEAT (Staff Writer), HARTBEAT (Staff Writer), BLITZ, TROUSER PRESS, KICKS, BREAKTHROUGH, HERE 'TIS, Personal Fanzines/Magazines as both writer/editor: FUTURE NEWSLETTER (1974-1975), FUTURE MAGAZINE (1976-1980), OUTASITE MAGAZINE (1980's-2000's), RECORD COLLECTOR, RECORDS, GOLDMINE, SHINDIG!, currently a staff writer for Mike Stax's UGLY THINGS magazine. Has also (and continues) to write liner notes for multiple compilations, re-releases.


DJ'd WJFR College Station St. John Fisher College 1973-1974

Filled in for Kid Leo on LITTLE STEVEN'S UNDERGROUND GARAGE for a few shows 2009

Songs written by Prevost - (Audio -) appeared within the following TV Shows/Films: 
The Sopranos 
Lilyhammer (Starring Little Steven) 
Flipper (90’s version) 
Underbelly The Golden Mile (Aussie TV) 
Starz Network (promo) 
Feature Film: 2004-Christmas With The Kranks


*My early works from the 70’s including the DISTORTED LEVELS single were all produced by myself with John Fritsch.

*I produced all of  THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS’ recordings with the exception of the ‘Stop!’ album, which was produced by Alex Janoulis (mastermind and member of LITTLE PHIL & THE NIGHTSHADOWS) and the ‘Berlin Wall Of Sound’ album, which was produced by Richie Scarlet. It should also be noted that Little Steven was involved with the production of ‘Mindbending Sounds’ (Song: "I Don't Understand"), ‘Psychedelic Sunrise’ and ‘Live Onstage … If You Want It”.

*I produced my solo single ‘Mr. Charlie’, and produced my first album ‘Mississippi Murderer’ and latest album 'Universal Vagrant' with Alex Patrick.

*THE FRANTIC FLATTOPS (Album: ‘Cheap Women, Cheap Booze, Cheaper Thrills’). I also wrote "Witchdoctor Curse" for the band-this song appears on the same LP.

*THE MOVIEES (single: “You Got What I Want”, Album: “Become One Of Them”).

*ST. PHILIPS ESCALATOR (Album: ‘Endless Trip’).

*NOTE:  I was credited on a lot of the band’s albums as an ‘engineer’. I was NOT and we were NOT 'engineers'-we worked at the House of Guitars and sold equipment and had to know how to USE it which we did; but as far as actually KNOWING what we were doing and HOW to get the right tones, we were pretty clueless and it was hit & miss. I knew how to make stuff sound the way I wanted and how to get the vibe, but it was always an uphill battle and didn't always come out the way it was supposed to. 





“Are You Gonna Be There” –‘Battle Of The Garages’ -Bomp! / Voxx Records (1981)
“Time Will Tell” – ‘Laser Rock n’ Roll’ – New Rose (1988)
“Live Life” and “Rosy Won’t You Please Come Home” – ‘Shangri-La: Tribute To The Kinks’ – Imaginary Record (1989)
“Critic’s Choice” with Johnny Thunders – GFI Productions Vol. 1 –GFI (1991)
“It’s Getting Harder All The Time” – Album Network Tune Up 112 –Album Network (1994)
“Pictures Of Matchstick Men” – ‘Hodge Podge Barrage’ – 1+2 Records, Japan (1994)
“Rosalyn” – ‘Not So Pretty, Tribute To The Pretty Things’ –Corduroy Records (1996)
“Muscle Beach Party” – ‘Mondo Drive-In’ – Blood Red Vinyl (1997)
“I Walk In Darkness” – ‘Mucchio Selvaggio’ – Promo (1999)
“Ill Go” (Live) –‘Cavestomp! Vol. 1’ – Cavestomp Records (2000)
“Are You Gonna Be There” – ‘Be A Caveman’ Best Of Voxx Garage Revival – Voxx/Bomp! Records (2000)
“Hey Santa Claus” – ‘Christmas With The Kranks’ Soundtrack – Hollywood Records (2004)
“Running Through My Nightmares” – VA, ‘Little Steven’s Underground Garage Presents ‘Halloween A Go-Go’ (2008)
“Hey Santa Claus” – VA, ‘Little Steven’s Underground Garage Presents ‘Christmas A Go-Go’ (2008)